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Our toys are curated to help your child develop a lifelong love for curiorosity, exploration, and creativity.

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About Us

The Waring Family in November, 2022

We're not just a toy store, we’re a child development company!  Our mission is to help your kids learn, develop and grow into independent thinkers and doers.

Based in Fairfax, California, our company was founded by the Waring family in 2023.

We're selling both new & used Montessori approved toys that help your kids learn real skills: balancing & coordination, construction and exploration.  While we support shipping our Toys anywhere in the United States, our vision for the store is to offer a unique same-day delivery service for both central Marin towns - Fairfax & San Anselmo.  

We look forward to helping you find the right gifts that will make a lasting impact on kids all around the country. 


Respectful Child Development

We're passionate about respectful "educaring". We want to empower our kids with tools and freedom to learn at their own pace, as nature intended.